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Beautiful Koi Pond Installation

Installing Beautiful Water Features in Central Florida

Let Pond Pros of Central Florida in Kissimmee, Florida, make your backyard dream come true. Relax and unwind beside a water garden and experience a tranquility that transcends today's stressful world. Pond Pros of Central Florida also offers koi pond renovation services. We serve customers throughout Central Florida.

Water Gardens and Ecosystem Ponds

There's nothing quite like having a complete ecosystem koi pond right outside your door. The sound of water, the arrival of birds and butterflies, and of course, the tranquility of the fish all work together to create an incomparable atmosphere. However, at Pond Pros of Central Florida, we're not building outdoor fish tanks — we're building a stable aquatic environment consisting of the five elements of a balanced pond.

Ecosystem Pond



We install both a biological and a mechanical filter. This increases ease of maintenance.

Rocks and Gravel

Rocks and gravel not only protect pond liners from UV light degradation, but they also provide a tremendous surface area for beneficial bacteria. These important bacteria break down excess nutrients contained in the water and organic debris on the pond floor.

Water Circulation

Your pond will include a correctly-sized pump. Use of a proper pump helps provide much-needed oxygen for your underwater inhabitants.


Fish are an integral part of any ecosystem. Unfortunately, Koi's are often seen as high maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, fish actually reduce pond maintenance as they graze on string algae and bottom feed from the pond floor. They also make very enjoyable pets, providing hours of natural entertainment.

Aquatic Plants

Plants are great for adding character to a pond by providing color and texture, but from a filtration perspective, they're second to none. Thriving on the excess nutrients in a pond and depriving algae of its food source, the aquatic plants in a water garden, given proper coverage, are critical for the overall health of the ecosystem.

Lotus Flowers

Pondless Waterfalls

For families who love the idea of enriching their outdoor space with water, but don't have the time or space for a full pond, a pondless waterfall can be a perfect fit. We integrate the waterfall right into the environment, providing a wide option of sizes, falls, streams, tributaries, and surrounding plant life. Maintenance of a pondless waterfall is practically non-existent.


Fountainscapes are small decorative water features such as stand-alone fountains, bubbling urns, and fountains that incorporate an in-ground reservoir. We have installed dozens of these smaller water features in the Orlando and Central Florida area. They're proven to add a perfect combination of sight and sound in a corner of your patio or by your front door.

New Fountainscape

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